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   Rayuela ( Hopscotch),Julio Cortazar                                                                                                                         Quizás vivir absurdamente para acabar con el absurdo, tirarse en si mismo con tal violencia que el salto acabara en los brazos de otro.‘ (‘Maybe the answer is to live absurdly to do away with the absurd, to leap into oneself so violently that the leap will end up in another person’s arms 

 click here to download and Read Rayuela, Julio Cortazar





Cien anos de soledad,Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Cien años de soledad- Gabriel Garcia Marquez





La Tia Tula,Miguel de Unamuno                                                                                                                                                     View of early 20th-century Spain, repressed by their own prejudices and religious ties.  A pleasure to read. Unamuno’s use of idiomatic wordplay exploits the special features of the Spanish language. His vocabulary ranges from the colloquial to the highbrow. His language is always fascinating.

La Tia Tula






Don Quijote, Cervantes

Read online/Download Don Quijote






Pedro Paramo,Rulfo

Preciado, as his mother has asked him in her deathbed, starts to look for his father, lost in Comala , a ghost town with a lot of mysterious and enigmatic characters. He will meet different people related to Pedro Páramo, who is thought to be his father. His story mixes with the Mexican Revolution and the story of his father and his lover, and their son.

 Click to read online or download Pedro-Paramo, Juan Rulfo





La casa de los espiritus,Isabel Allende

La-casa-de-los-espiritus,Isabel Allende








 Click here to read and download El principito 


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