Films in Spanish language


“El final del camino”:

The story  is set in the 11th century in Spain, Galicia.

“La sonata del silencio”: A beautiful story of the struggles of a once upper-class family in post-WWII Spain. Just a warning, while it’s a great series, it’s not exactly a feel-good story. Nine ~70 minute episodes.

“El Ministerio del Tiempo”: Velvet is my favorite Spanish TV show of all time because I got so crazy addicted, but this is probably the best if I’m being objective (and I’ve watched dozens of series). A team of three agents must travel back in time to make sure that Spain’s history happens the way it should happen – whether that means saving Picasso’s master work “El Guernica,” preventing Spain from getting dragged into WWII, or saving the life of Lope de Vega, one of Spain’s greatest playwrights, so that he can go on to write his greatest works. The series offers comedy, drama, great fun, and a bit of a history lesson in every episode. Twenty-one ~70 minute episodes, with a third season starting soon.

El Pasajero ( English subtitles)

Shows ( most of them have English/Spanish subtitles)

(Easy Spanish)  With subtitles

Short videos with Spanish subtitles and English translation and they give notes

Ugly betty in Spanish with English subtitles
El Carro – Movie with (automatic) Spanish subtitles

A show with (automatic) Spanish subtitles
Different video’s with Spanish subtitles
¿Eres tú, María? (Spanish subtitles)
Many Spanish movies with no subtitles or English movies with Spanish subtitles
Movies you have to watch later (without subtitles)

In Netflix:


GRAND HOTEL (2011-2013)

GÜEROS (2014)

EL CLON (2010)
GLORIA (2013)

Velvet (TV Series 2013–2016)


REBELDE (2004-2006)

PEPE (1960)

Gran Hotel (TV Series 2011–2013)

Club de Cuervos (TV Series 2015– )


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