Great Spanish Americans poets from the 18th century such as José Martí from Cuba expressed through poetry the social injustice, freedom  issues and other aspects of the 18th  and 19th century’s life.
In 1891 José Martí wrote ” Versos Sencillos” , this versos were later adapted into a song : “Guantanamera” the Patriotic song of Cuba.
Fragment from ” Versos Sencillos” :

“Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crece la palma,
Y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma…”

Ruben Dario was a Nicaraguan poet known as the Mozart of poetry. He founded the Latin American “Modernismo” movement and initiated it with the publication of his major collection of poems “Azul” (1888) , he has been embraced throughout Latin America and Spain as the most original of poetic voices.
” Si la patria es pequeña, uno grande la sueña.
If the homeland is small, one dreams it large”.—Ruben Darío

With the Spanish American war of 1848, Ruben Darío and other Latin Americans poets celebrated the liberation of Cuba, Puerto Rico and other colonies from the Spanish empire but they became greatly concerned about the expansionism of the United States.
The Protestant and Anglo-Saxon empire had cast aside the political freedom and growth of Cuba, threatening also the cultural freedom of the Latin-American countries, which Roman cultural and religious roots valued culture and art rather than the economic growth and consumerism values of the United States.

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