Why should You learn SPANISH?

You should learn Spanish because every time you learn a new language, you are born into a new culture. Spanish is spoken as a native language by different societies in 5 different continents. Approximately 500 million people speak Spanish everyday!
Beside learning a new language, there is the discovery of other fascinating worlds made up of thousands of poems, books, stories, which will never be faithfully represented in translations.
When you learn Spanish, you will be stepping inside the mind of Spanish-speaking cultures. It will also enhance the value of your CV, it will be useful when traveling and is a potential for making new friendships.
Or, maybe you should learn Spanish just to challenge yourself and to keep sharp your memory skills. When you engage in learning a new language you are in a steady path developing your brain. At any age you can grow new neurons. At any age you can learn to speak a new language.

Life is about exploring and learning…

Step by step, learn Spanish and expand your neural network.Lily

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

1.-Commitment! Study at least 10 minutes per day. The time when the mind retains best is either very early in the morning or right before going to bed. You can listen to songs in Spanish, read children books or Spanish newspapers. Also, you can watch films in Spanish with English subtitles.
2.-Listen! Listening is key for learning, listen as much as you can. You can also record your voice, whilst reading in loud voice to then listen to yourself.
3.-Don’t be shy! It is not about grammar or pronunciation, the first important steps are about unleashing yourself to speak with the words you know.
4.-Practice! Write the words you know in flash cards. On one side write the word in Spanish and on the other side in your own language. Look at the words and ask yourself the meaning. Everyday write down how many words you got right and replace them with new words. Label as many things as possible in your house/office.
5.-The Teacher! Very important, choose the BEST teacher, one that is enthusiastic, motivating and that believes that learning a new language is about You speaking in Spanish right from the first class. To contact this teacher, please fill up the form below. Your email will not be shared with any third-party.


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